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Has Conor McGregor Retired?

Has Conor McGregor Retired?

He was supposed to headline UFC 200 and rematch with Nate Diaz, but then Conor McGregor tweeted this today:

Naturally, the Twitterverse exploded. Could it be that one of the most popular fighters ever would be hanging up the gloves, especially with a huge payday awaiting on the horizon? Many were skeptical. Then came his coach, John Kavanagh’s tweet:

Still, it could all be an elaborate troll job, whose purpose of garnering talk seemed to be growing more and more successful with each passing minute.

Well, that’s that, then.

So the question is: if McGregor is truly retiring, why is he doing it? Did he just fail a drug test?

Right now, speculation is all we’ve got, so let’s speculate wildly!

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