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Full Countdown to UFC 149: Lombard vs. Boetsch Video

Learn about middleweights Tim Boetsch and Hector Lombard as the UFC tells their story coming up in mixed martial arts. Boetsch a college graduate with a degree in criminal justice, working as a social worker decided one day that he wanted to test himself in the cage. As success came easy, he realized he had found his calling.

Lombard did not have as easy of life as his opponent, growing up in the poverty stricken streets of Cuba. At a young age Lombard dedicated his life to his athletic ability making it to the Olympics with his judo ability. After a move to Australia and finding the love of his life, Lombard found a new drive in mixed martial arts.

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  • I have to tell you, after watching UFC Countdown last night I really would like Boetsch to pull this out. An all American, good guy father from Maine against an angry at the world, juiced up, elite monster like Lombard would be a great David vs Goliath story. I loved that fight against Okami. That was pure champion spirit. Then to watch him on Countdown getting excited for finding 7 cents from his metal detector with his son is priceless!

    Hector might of came from the slums but in my opinion he’s just another juice head, albeit an elite fighter too. I can’t understand how some of these guys, whom I’ve personally met and heard first account stories from, can take the steroids in a way that is undetectable by the random tests. It’s like a whole separate martial art,.. and guys like Brock Lesnar and Hector Lombard are black belts in Juice-itsu.

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