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Fitch on Silva: ‘I can’t just win, I have to put on Fight of the Night’

The heavily criticized style of Jon Fitch that has earned him the 16 fight win-streak may now be dead according to the former perennial welterweight. Ironically, Fitch says that he was always a mediocre college wrestler and finds it funny that he is criticized as a ‘wrestler.’

Fitch shows a strong understanding of how the sport of MMA is ‘entertainment.’ “If you are not selling tickets, than you are not doing your job.” With that said, Fitch responds to the question of is the upcoming fight against Erick Silva a must win this weekend?

“Not only is this a must-win, this is a must perform excellent. I don’t think even winning is enough to really set things how I want them. I’m really looking for a fight of the night performance. It means whatever it takes to get the job done. Whatever it takes to push and get that win.”

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