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Tito Ortiz explains the deaf like Hamill have a soft head, no equilibrium (Video)

Dr. Tito Ortiz explains that the hearing impaired are very different. Apparently they can easily be knocked out by soft punches to the skull. Heres what the Huntington Beach Bad Boy had to say in his own words.

“I noticed uh, he’s deaf so he has a soft head. You people don’t know this. You watch how Franklin knocked him out quick. You hit um’ with small shots because their equilibrium, they don’t have equilibrium and by the second – third round.”

If anyone has any information on the source of Ortiz’s comments we would love to hear more on this.

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  • Lilysmommy728 says:

    …Tito needs to learn to pronounce the word EQUILIBRIUM before he starts repeating it over and over again to sound like he knows what hes talking about…. Inner ear mechanisms DO influence dynamic and static equilibrium and SOME deafness etiologies can do damage to the inner ear….but for him to say Matt has no equilibrium so he’s gunna get knocked out…uggghh ur The soft head Tito…do some more research buddy….biggest DOUCHEBAG ever…i was a fan…but now I hope Tito gets his ass handed to him by “Soft Head” Hard Hands Matt the Hammer Hamil!! GOOO MATTTTT!!!!!

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