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Steven Seagal now training Machida for Rampage fight (Video)

It seems Anderson Silva is not the only one getting new techniques from the Aikido master, and actor, Steven Seagal. Here you can see the former light heavyweight champion, Lyoto Machida being instructed by Seagal prior to his bout against Quinton Rampage Jackson.

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  • Tinito11 says:

    Man, Steven Seagal really let himself go geez he is fat, but he might have some helpful advice. I gotta sat with all do respect even the most novice MMA fighter would prolly destroy him. I mean no disrespect but I look at him and I think how would he take a punch? Cuz he would get hit for sure. I would ask Freddy Roach for tips on defense not Seagal. To each his own though. If Machida wants to beat Rampage then countering and leg kicks work cuz Rampage doesn’t check them at all.

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