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Rampage Jackson on Dr. Phil 12.15.10

Who would have thought? Quinton “Rampage” Jackson will be appearing on the Dr. Phil Show tomorrow Wednesday, December 15th. Jackson speaks to at-risk youth about the dangers of being involved in gangs. And it seems like the two men are quite fond of each other, Dr. Phil says the show will be a “great inspiration” and Jackson thinks Dr. Phil is “cool as hell.” I’m lovin’ the love from these guys!

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  • Juna75c says:

    I’m sure for PR rampage will say anything people want to hear…he will act whatever role he’s told. But in person he was hardly an inspiration. I could understand being unwilling to take time out of day to day life for fans but making an apperance at the TUF finale and being rude to fans totally uncool!

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