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Mirko Cro Cop announcing retirement again

Following Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic’s big win over up and comer Pat Barry via rear-naked choke at UFC 115, Cro Cop feels he would like to finish on top while he still can.

“In addition to winning the Pride Grand Prix Finals, it’s my favorite fight of my career [but] most of the training proved to me that I am now too old for this said Cro Cop…I don’t know about a new contract with the UFC. I believe that I gave this game a lot, I fought with the greatest fighters,” he told Croatian news site Jutarnji

“For 20 years I lived this life and now I have no motivation for the fight, no mental strength for all the Spartan training. I am no longer so hungry for victory. I will not stop training, but if I am asleep I’ll stay in bed and practice an hour later.”

Filipovic said he may now hit the seminar circuit and share his skills and MMA knowledge with fans and fighters around the world. “I have some contacts around the seminar circuit in the U.S., Australia, Europe and even Brazil,” he said.

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  • I'm sad that Cro Cop is finally retiring. At least he had shown UFC fans a glimpse of how strong Cro Cop was in that final Pat Barry round. That axe kick was simply a tribute to his legendary fight with Andy Hug back in K-1 (which is fitting since VS Mirko Cro Cop was Hug's 2nd to the last fight before he died). He went into the MMA game as a fully-fledged K-1 fighter, he came out as a fully-fledged MMA fighter.

    If he decides to start teaching and training others, we hope we see more of Cro Cop's legendary skills in this new generation of fighters!

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