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Jon Jones in Car Accident, no injuries but…

Ironically days after Jon Jones has his car stolen by training partners as a lesson for leaving his keys in the car, Jones and his teammates are  in a car accident on the way to the dog park. Everyone in the car with Jones escaped without injuries but the older women in the other car was not as lucky as she was taken off in a stretcher. Here’ s what Jones tweeted following the accident.

“I just got into a car accident, police said it wasn’t my fault.. I walked away without a scratch, GOD IS GOOD…. Hopefully, I get blessed with one of the fight bonuses, my insurance hasn’t kicked in yet and I may have just taken a major loss… Everyone’s okay, me and some teammates were on our way to the dog park in between practices, good thing we were all wearing our seatbelts. I refuse to allow this situation to steal my joy, the fight will go on.”

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