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James Toney: Rampage has no one behind him but KKK

The feud between UFC fighter, Rampage Jackson and Boxing champ, James Toney continues as Toney retorts with more harsh words.

Percy Crawford: Rampage just put out a video about you and I’m sure you have a response.

James Toney: I saw the little video. It’s comical; that m*********** sound like Lady Gaga in that video. He is a joke.

If he really want to do it, all he gotta do is call me. He knows my number; he got it.

Don’t act brand new m***********. He talking about he gonna do this and do that. He went to Detroit and he barely survived; he f***with me he ain’t coming out alive. I promise you that.

He says I’m barking up the wrong tree? M***********, I will piss on your tree.

He just got to get his balls up and we can do this. It took him a month to reply to my first statement because he had to let his balls get bigger and let them fake motherfuckers he hang around gas him up. Rampage is a clown man. Sign a contract and we can do it. It ain’t nothing but a word. When you talk about challenging the heavyweight champion of the world to a fist fight, you gotta have big nuts. He got little, mini nuts. This is some real shit I do. He just signed his death threat right there. I’m telling you, I will fuck him up. What I do is real. This ain’t no game boy.

This nigga was trying to play some hard music in the background like he’s a gangsta. It sounded like some Country Western shit to me. I hang with real gangstas. To be a gangsta, you gotta have some real gangstas behind you. What he got? He got the Klu Klux Klan behind him. I’m the peoples champ and I give them what they want.

… I’m going to blast him for a week straight on YouTube. I’m going to make him look like the joke that he is.

Source: FightHype

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  • Anonymous says:

    While I understand that some come from less privileged backgrounds than others, I don’t think it’s an excuse for the inability to use plurals as part of one’s sentence structure. It doesn’t make anyone look cool or hard, it just makes them look like they didn’t make it through first grade. Look to George St Pierre for a true peoples champ who behaves with class and doesn’t allow himself to be brought down to the level of a ghetto speaking trash talking bullshit artist who can’t hold up their end of a conversation properly. While sometimes the trash talking is good for ratings, the only people who can afford the pay-per-views would better understand what was being said if words were properly pluralised. Dumbing down the language is a self-deprecating behavior that may gain a few laughs amongst the slingers etc, but doesn’t do much for making the speaker appear intelligent or well-read.

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