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Jake Shields says the UFC is treating him much better than Strikeforce recently caught up with the freeagent Jake Shields to find out how his deciding process is going, and as before, Shields seems to be very ready to join the top fighters in the UFC. Already being congratulated by UFC President Dana White and the owners throughout negotiations, usually means your in.

When asked how he felt about the treatment he has received from Strikeforce he said…

“They certainly didn’t treat me like a champion. I went up there thinking that I was the champion, didn’t have any tickets and wasn’t able to get in. Finally one of the Showtime guys was able to get me in and then Scott Coker had some tickets for me but they were way way way up in the stands where I barely could see and I was really surprised because I didn’t realize that is how Strikeforce treats their champs. At that point I didn’t realize that we weren’t negotiating anymore and first off they didn’t give me any tickets and when they did they were in the nosebleed seats. Finally one of the Showtime guys was able to get me down in the front row. They obviously wanted Henderson to win from the beginning and they were a little upset about that but I guess they just got mad at me for winning.”

Shields was asked if he had considered any other promotions such as Dream or Bellator.

“I’m just talking to UFC at this point and I’m sure we will work something out. I’ve really wanted to fight for the UFC for about a year or so and it just wouldn’t make sense for me to fight anywhere else. Especially if Dana White and the Fertitta brothers and everyone at the UFC is being really fair and it just wouldn’t make sense for me to go elsewhere.”

When asked about the status of all the organizations currently working in the game and where he feels that he belongs amongst it all he replied…

“That is why I didn’t resign. Strikeforce is a great show and overall I have nothing bad to say about them even though we have seen some things differently at this point. But right now they are clearly the number two organization and the UFC is clearly the show to be in right now. I think I’m in my prime and I’ve had a great first part of my career and I feel it’s time to go to the big show.”

When asked if he could shed light on fighting for the UFC as to the possible date Shields said…

“It’s hard to put exact times on it because it’s one of those things. The numbers have to go back and forth, my dad’s lawyers will look over them and the UFC’s lawyers will look over them but I don’t think it’ll take that long. I think this point we are done with Strikeforce and I think we are pretty close to coming to an agreement. Because at this point I want to fight in the UFC and they say that they want me and there is no reason why we can’t get this done soon. I’m training my ass right now and I’m ready to go. I just want to get this contract done and I hope that they have a fight ready for me. Like I said I’ve always been a person who will step anytime…whenever and I’m just hoping that they will give me a big name right off the bat. I wanna go out there and show that I belong with the top dogs.”

When Shields was asked how things compared between the two organizations treatment wise, even with his limited exposure to the UFC he said…

“The UFC has been absolutely great to me throughout the negotiations. Dana White, Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta and Joe Silva have all called to congratulate me. They always answer my calls right away. If I need tickets they get me the tickets right away. I’m brand new to the UFC but they have treated me absolutely wonderful much better than Strikeforce to this point. They return my phone calls and I get seats unlike Strikeforce but so far things have been absolutely perfect.”

When Shields was asked about his teammates the possibility of them following him to the UFC he responded…

“I don’t want to knock Strikeforce because that’s not my style even though they did treat me like s— which was unnecessary because I never talked bad about them. Honestly I would love to see Gilbert and Nick in the UFC. Even though Strikeforce is a good show, everyone knows it’s the number two show. They have a handful of good fighters but all the top competition is in the UFC and I feel that Nick and Gilbert are good enough to fight at the highest level. I would love to see them come over and once I get signed I’ll have to put that in Dana’s ear. I think they are two of the best of the best. I know the UFC likes having the best of the best and it just makes sense for them to be there. I know Nick and the UFC had a few issues before and I’m pretty sure it isn’t anything that couldn’t be pushed aside. I mean…who doesn’t like to watch Nick Diaz fight? I think all the fighters pretty much say that Nick is their favorite fighter. I’m Nick’s friend but he’s still my favorite fighter to watch. Even though I train with him I still have no idea what he is going to do when he fights. He is so much fun to watch fight, the interviews he does, his don’t care attitude and he could be a complete fan favorite if he had the marketing strength behind him. I just don’t see Strikeforce putting the marketing strength behind him as they didn’t for me. I feel like they (Strikeforce) want to go after the places that have already been built like Shamrock or Cung Le. They don’t seem really interested in building top young fighters in their prime. They had a great batch of young fighters like me, Nick, Gil and King Mo but they weren’t interested in great young fighters and instead all the push went to “has beens” like Shamrock and Cung Le. It seemed like they wanted to push people who were no where near their prime.”


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