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Chael Sonnen tests positive for PEDs against Anderson Silva

Chael Sonnen vs Anderson Silva

Very unfortunate news rolls out to the MMA community today, as it has officially been announced by the California State Athletic Comission (CSAC) that Chael Sonnen (24-11-1) has tested positive for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). The drug test that was failed by Sonnen was taken just prior to his battle with UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva. A battle in which Chael Sonnen dominated for for four-and-a-half rounds before being submitted late in the final championship round.

In an ironic turn of events, the Oregon politician , Sonnen accused seven time Tour De Frace winner, Lance Armstrong of using PEDs just weeks prior to his own failed test. There was also much speculation of steroid use by Sonnen in the MMA Forums as Sonnen’s back showed lesions very similar to a steroid user during his last two UFC weigh-ins. Interestingly, Sonnen tested clean at his two prior UFC bouts against Nate Marquardt, and Yushin Okam.

Sonnen has not responded to any press outlets about the bad news as of yet. The commission has not reported the exact drug(s) found in Sonnen’s system, but reported that it will be released shortly. The commission also has not reported the length of his suspension, but either way Sonnen will likely be looking at a lengthy layoff as others such as Josh Barnett, and Ken Shamrock have had to endure in their failed drug tests by the same commission. The biggest question of all of this is will there still be a rematch with Anderson Silva, and if so, do you still want to see it?

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  • Bill says:

    Depending on the TRUE results, I would most definitely want to see a second fight. Supposedly Chael had taken flu medications the week of the fight, and various flu meds have been known to bring false results on performance enhancing drug tests. He passed the drug abuse test, just not the PED one… But if you don’t buy that, why should the rest of us go along with Silva’s “rib injury” excuse for his mauling at UFC 117. People say he wasn’t completely destroyed, he had great heart and resolve… I say bull crap! Bull crap! It’s called luck and desperation.
    Putting that aside, people are jumping to conclusions WAY to quickly. I love Chael, and if he did take something he shouldn’t have, I’d give him his pink slip (even though that may seem a little too extreme). I would’ve done the same thing for that Sherk guy back at UFC 73 (was that it?) too. If he didn’t though, then this dude is going to be hated on for nothing. People call him the real fraud, when he hasn’t even responded to the accusations. Regardless of PEDs, he exposed Silva for who he is, human… he can be taken out. It would be a shame to have a spectacular performance by Sonnen be tainted. Nate Mardquardt defended him (with the flu med. reasoning), and people had accused Sonnen of roids and crap in that fight as well, except he passed that time. As for the back acne, that can be easily from the gym, sweating and stuff, come on….
    I’ve also heard Sonnen will not get the rematch. Maybe not immediately, but come on, where have you heard that? He deserves nothing if he’s guilty, but just wait and see people. If Sonnen doesn’t get the match I’ve heard of a possible Jon Jones or light heavyweight fight for Silva, which I truly believe and am thoroughly convinced that Jones would win in dominant fashion…But again, just my thoughts. Don’t jump to conclusions just yet.

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