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Brock Lesnar shoots Deer (Pics)

Brock Lesnar
Fusion Ammunition’s Brock Lesnar takes two monster deer while hunting the Milk River in Alberta. The Badlands yielded two of its finest trophies including a giant whitetail and a mature mule deer to the “baddest man on the planet.” Look for a special video of the extreme mule deer hunt in December on Federal Premium’s …YouTube Channel and the full television show airing in May 2011 on North American Hunter Television.

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  • […] New strange conspiracy theory involving Brock, steroids, and deer. So I have a conspiracy involving steroids, Brock Lesnar and such. Has anyone been following the situation with the new Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson and a company called SWATS(Sports With Alternatives To Steroids.) They are a company that pretty much creates and distributes numerous products that are pretty much designer steroids but beat for whatever reason seen to be beating tests. Their biggest product is something called The Ultimate Spray,it is farmed from deer antlers. From everything I have read and some accounts by regular people on some talk radio up here it is suppose to be a million times better than any HGH available. Anyone think this is why Brock Lesnar is always out hunting deer? While I am sure it is not, I thought it was something worth discussing as this product is going to soon be a headache for the NFL since it is being linked to a number of players and it contains a banned substance called IGF-1 yet for some reason no one has failed any tests. It sure as hell makes these pictures a little more interesting. Brock Lesnar shoots Deer (Pics) | Caged Insider […]

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