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Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone On Threats Paying Off & the Reebok Deal

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone On Threats Paying Off & the Reebok Deal

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone learned that he will be next to contend for the UFC lightweight title this week, and he’s typically confident.

“There’s no doubt in my mind I’ll be the next UFC lightweight champion,” Cerrone said in an interview with Inside MMA from his ranch in New Mexico.

According to Cerrone, who is enjoying an eight fight win streak dating back almost two years, his recent threat to move to the welterweight division (reported here at Caged Insider) paid off.

“Man, I think it did speed up the process because everyday I’d call Joe (Silva) and Dana (White) and say hey, if I don’t get a fight soon I’m going to 170,” Cerrone said. “(The response) would be ‘patience, patience!'”

“Yesterday,” he continued, “I was talking to Joe and said I’d had enough. I can’t take it anymore, I was going to 170. He said just bear with me… and I found out right about the time y’all did.”

Cerrone also addressed the controversial new sponsorship deal with Reebok, an agreement he said is “hurting everybody.” The rules for sponsors inside the UFC Octagon have changed drastically.

“That’s a touchy subject,” he admitted. “You’re going to see ‘Cowboy’ fighting in Bellator next week, I think.”

Cerrone enjoyed a can of Budweiser throughout the interview — who are among his own sponsors.

“Yeah, the Reebok deal is definitely hurting everybody,” he said. “It doesn’t allow us to put our sponsors (on our trunks, etc)… guys like Budweiser and EasyGo, the big corporate sponsors I have are sticking with me, thank God. But I haven’t fought on the Reebok plan yet, so we’ll see. Budweiser and all my sponsors said they’re sticking by me, and so I’m proud to sit here and enjoy a full-bodied Budweiser.”

Full interview is available here:

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  • Chris Cashwell says:

    The UFC bleeds for a fighter’s union. The pay from the Reebok deal is peanuts. So many comments to make but not enough space. $2500 for the first 5 fights, really?! How many fights do these guys get a year? 3 maybe 4 at most. So $7500 a year. Literally, an employee at McDonalds makes more, way more, than a UFC fighter. Companies like Bellator and WSOF are going to be able to pick off so many fighters out of the top 10, that the UFC in a few years will be known as a developmental league. Dana White isn’t dumb, there have to be plans in the works to address this problem. I know exactly what it will take. It will take a moment straight out of pro-wrestling, where a current champion jumps ship to Bellator and takes his/her belt with them and dumps it in a trash can on live TV. Cowboy Cerrone is just bad ass enough to do it.

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