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Demystifying Fighter Injury Rates With Numbers

Demystifying Fighter Injury Rates With Numbers

Fighters get injured. That’s what they do. They also are pulled from cards because of said injuries. That’s what we hate. But beyond those basic facts, what do we really know about that whole get-hurt-can’t-fight mess? Well, thanks to journo Mike Hutchinson, we now have some hard data on injury rates among the fight camps.

As per Hutchinson:

Full MMA Fight Camp Breakdowns (Sorted by Injury %)

Camp Scheduled Self Injury Percentage Opponent Injury Late Replacement
Roufusport 60 10 16.60% 6 2
Nova Uniao 75 11 14.60% 10 1
Blackzilians 56 7 12.00% 11 2
Team Tri-Star 92 10 10.80% 9 0
Black House 103 9 8.70% 12 3
Alliance MMA 97 8 8.20% 10 3
Greg Jackson 181 15 8.20% 16 7
American Top Team 148 12 8.10% 14 8
AKA 73 5 6.80% 6 1
Team Alpha Male 87 3 3.40% 10 4
Total 972 90 9.26% 104 32

According to those stats, fighters from Roufusport and Nova Uniao are dropping like flies. Meanwhile, Team Alpha Male seems to be made of iron. Why is that? Ben Fowlkes contacted Urijah Faber and asked him.

“To be honest,” Faber said, “part of it is the lifestyle that we lead. … We don’t stop training throughout the year. It’s basically a type of lifestyle that breeds being in top shape, and that helps with injuries, as well. A lot of these guys get way out of shape, and then their training camp is them getting back into shape. For us, it’s the opposite. We stay in shape year-round and let our bodies heal a little bit closer to the fight.”

So there you go. Stay in shape all the time and you’re less likely to get injured.

Or don’t do MMA. That stuff is dangerous.

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