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Dana White pays $50k for liver transplant to save little girls life (Video)

Tiger Muay Thai trainer Kru Nai in Thailand is known for training some of the top athletes in MMA today. Nai’s daughter was recently diagnosed with needing a liver transplant or facing death. After receiving some calls for help from the MMA fans to UFC president Dana White answered the prayers and payed for the surgery. Now following the surgery the family will still need money to pay for medication. If you would like to help, the donation page can be found here

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  • ms.dana white please help us.. i read the article about you helping daughter of mr.kru nai.. im alexandra marie inal, from the philippines my baby named iesha cassidy 7month old is diagnosed with BILIARY ATRESIA, a liver problem. she now showing some complications regarding her sickness. the doctors told us that my baby’s liver is already damage and its functioning is getting worst.. she needs an urgent liver transplant,but honestly maa’m were are not rich to afford the big cost of the operation,thats why i tried to ask help from you.. hope you could help us.. this is her fan page HELP SAVE BABY IESHA’S LIFE.. this is my contact 09152413205. thank you so much

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