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Dana White opts for surgery to treat Meniere’s disease

As you may or may not know, UFC president Dana White has suffered from Meniere’s disease for quite some time now. The disease is a disorder of the inner ear that afflicts 50,000 to 100,00 people a year, and can affect balance and hearing to a severe degree. Most people with the disease suffer from vertigo, ear infections and hearing loss that can be permanent. Unfortunately there are few options; the medication only works for about 50% of patients and the surgery can be somewhat painful. White opted for the surgery route and updated fans via Twitter:

Dana White ‏@danawhite
Taking off right now for UFC RIO!! Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonnar, pumped for Erick Silva vs Fitch too. Here I come BRAZIL!!!!!! :)
Saw the Dr today about my menieres and I’m getn the surgery when I get home from Brazil!!!!! :) #getmyfuknlifeback

Hope it works out Dana, get well soon!


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