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Dana White says James Toney will lose against Couture

UFC President Dana White has always freely voiced his opinion in the public on fight predictions. White, a boxing fan himself has said time and time again that a boxer could not make it in MMA without being trained in all aspects of MMA. White would insinuate that if he is just a boxer, it’s a freak fight, which he does not condone.

Surprisingly enough though the UFC President signed boxing champ James “Lights Out” Toney to the UFC, and will have him compete against a legend in the sport Randy Couture for his first bout .

“I think James Toney is going to lose too,” White said Monday on The MMA Hour, when questioned about his signing of Toney. This following comments that he believes Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao would both lose in a fight under MMA rules.”

“To be honest, who knows if he’s going to lose?” White said. “I say it all the time about all different kinds of fights. You never know until they fight, but if you look at the things and you weigh it out. He has a puncher’s chance of course. Can he clip Couture and knock him out? Of course of he could, but all signs point to Randy Couture should win the fight.”

White was questioned by a caller on the show on why he chose to put Toney in with a wrestler that would negate his stand up.

“Why would I put him in with a wrestler? Why not? ” White said. “Why would I put Randy Couture in with a boxer? This isn’t boxing. It’s mixed martial arts. Couture’s a wrestler. Couture’s going to try to implement his game, and Toney’s going to try to implement his, and we’ll see who wins.”

“I kind of got talked into doing this thing and it’s a fight — I signed James Toney and now it’s going to happen,” White said. “It’s interesting and we’ll see how it goes down.

Toney will be fighting Couture in a heavyweight bout at UFC 118 on Aug. 28 in Boston, Mass. to once again try and answer the question of MMA vs Boxing.

The UFC Heavyweight  Champion Brock Lesnar (4-1-0 MMA, 3-1-0 UFC) is in high gear, training for his upcoming fight against Interim Champ Shane Carwin (12-0-0 MMA, 4-0-0 UFC) at UFC 116 on July 3 in Las Vegas.Lesnar posted on his MMA apparel owned website “” recent pictures of his workout sessions, proving that he has been able to regain his size following a life threatening case of Diverticulitis.

Many have questioned if Lesnar would be able to compete against Carwin after almost a full year layoff due to the illness. Do these images make you think the Champs ring rust will be shaken off in time?

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  • Joe NJ says:

    Dana White is great, plain and simple.
    This is long overdue and even if he is 41 Toney is a seasoned, quality boxer with excellent skills.
    I still feel that Randy will get caught but will clsoe in before Toney can “get off” again and for once we are going to see how tough Toney is.
    If it goes into round two and Toney has been “dirty boxed” and “ground and pounded” will he still have it in him to try and knock Randy out?
    My “dream” fight that night would be for Randy to take Toney into rounds two and three of a brutal fight where Toney is “forced” to fight.
    This is a night when we get to see what Toney has inside.
    And, IF Toney wins I would love to see him against Shane Carwin in what would be a stand up slugfest.
    I would like to see if Toney can handle Carwins power.

  • MMAddikt says:

    Toney I heard is training with King Mo now so he wont get moped up too quick lol

  • […] Dana White has even gone so far to predict that he doesn’t see it going past the first round and boxing legend Bernard Hopkins predicts Toney will be getting “his ass kicked.” […]

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