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Brock returning to UFC this year?

Could Brock Lesner really be returning to the UFC after his stint with the WWE? Apparently he is, according to Mike Sawyer, co-host of “Tough Talk” from Wrestling Observer. Sawyer took to his Twitter and stated he spoke with someone close to the fighter and Lesner will indeed be returning to the promotion some time later this year.

Had an interesting conversation with someone VERY close to all the Brock Lesnar stuff. He is fighting THIS YEAR in UFC & not Frank Mir…

plans change all the time, but the name I was told isn’t Roy.

Brian ‏@FrontRowBrian
If it’s not Mir fighting Lesnar in UFC later this year as @TOUGHTALKMMA reports, who is it? @roynelsonmma? @stefanstruve? @ShaneCarwin II?

one of the above.

My comment on Brock came from a conversation I had with someone who works in UFC. Brock working both sides (WWE). Nothing official. Period.

What do you think fans, Roy Nelson, Stefan Struve or Shane Carwin? Or do you think this rumor may be just that?

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