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Boxing Promoter Bob Arum says UFC has limited growth, no appeal to Hispanics and Blacks

“It’s the same audience over and over,” Boxing promoter Bob Arum said Tuesday at USA TODAY’s headquarters in northern Virginia during a roundtable and interviews with journalists. “It’s white males, and they have never been able to expand their demographic.”

“I don’t want to demean UFC, because they’ve done a marvelous job of marketing. But it’s the same audience over and over. It’s white males, and they have never been able to expand their demographic.

“The Hispanics don’t care anything for it. Most African-Americans don’t watch it. Hey, this country is becoming more and more Hispanic, and it’s growing African-American (in the) audience.

“So the future success of UFC is limited. The success of boxing is not, because boxing reaches those groups. The only demographic that boxing has lost is the white, young males, period.”

Do you agree with the 80 year old boxing CEO? Has the UFC yet to tap into the Hispanic and Black demography? I happen to be a Hispanic and a fan of MMA and the UFC. Anyone else a minority and a fan of the sport or am I the only one?

Source: USA Today

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