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BJ Penn on licking opponents blood

Following his five-round dismantling of Diego Sanchez at UFC 107, an emotional BJ Penn licked the blood off his gloves and pounded his chest in an animal-like frenzy, pretty much like he always does in celebration of a win.

BJ Penn tells the, Hawaii Tribune-Herald:

“(My boxing trainer) Jason Parillo said, ‘Go out there. I want you to be the crazy blood licker. I want you to kill this guy”

When asked if the glove-licking had anything to do with the Hawaiian warrior tradition – Penn replied, “Maybe subconsciously it does.”

“I gotta stop doing that,” he acknowledged.” But you get so crazy when you’re in there, you just don’t know what you’re doing sometimes.”

I don’t care if BJ stops his traditional post fight celebration we’ve all come know, I thinks it’s awesome – but more importantly I hope the BJ Penn we saw destroy Diego Sanchez, is the BJ Penn we see from now on. Especially in a possible part 3 go at Georges St. Pierre. I of course would be rooting for GSP, but either way I, as would many of you I’m sure, would love to see this new and improved Penn take on GSP.

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