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Dana on Bendo vs. Pettis II: “It’s probably the next title fight”

It looks that we will get to see round six of the classic 2010 WEC bout between Benson Henderson and Anthony Pettis. Popularized by the fifth round ‘showtime kick’ that had Pettis rushing Henderson and performing a ‘ninja-like’ kick off the fence that dropped the champ and stole the victory via decision late in the round to cap off the organization with an exclamation.

UFC 144 was a night that could not align any better for the rematch as Benson Henderson clinched the title from former champ Frankie Edgar after a grueling five round bout. Anthony Pettis earlier in the night also pulled off the impressive victory with a highlight reel, first round KO kick over fellow top contender Joe Lauzon early in the first.

First we heard from the pay-per-view broadcast as color commentator Joe Rogan sounded off on ‘inside info’ from Dana and Lorenzo that Pettis would be next in line. Then during the UFC 144 post-fight press conference President White verified as well, “I think [Pettis] is gonna get it” when referring to Henderson’s next opponent.

The fight is not official however as the UFC has shown in the past to change match-ups after a spectacular performance from a fighter and or a huge fan response via twitter [Diaz vs. Penn]. The bout between Nate Diaz and Jim Miller on May 5 for UFC on Fox 3 could be that game-changer, should either fighter put on an outstanding performance.

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  • MMADork says:

    This is a horrible announcement. What has Pettis done to earn a title shot? He lost to Guida, he had a very close win (split decision) over a solid, but non-contending, Jeremy Stephens, and then beat a never-a-contender in Lauzon. Since coming to the UFC, he’s done nothing to deserve this. I understand that marketability is often just as important as fighting skills in determining who gets a fight, but giving Pettis a *title shot* when 1) he’s done nothing to deserve it, and 2) so many other have is just wrong. It’s unfair to other fighters, and I don’t even think the fans are going to care as much about this fight as the UFC thinks. I don’t like being a “hater” or “internet tough guy” — I have nothing personal against Pettis — but I can’t stomach that this fight is going to be signed.

    • BloodShotRetina says:

      Pettis was the last guy to beat Henderson, and almost ko’d him with a spinning jump kick off the cage. And Lauzons a beast, he beat Guillard before Pettis headkicked him. Maybe Pettis should fight 1 more person, but after that last card I think many fans would want to see the rematch with Henderson.

    • M88SE says:

      Pettis was supposed to have the title shot in the first place until maynard-edgar 2 was scored a draw. they had their 3rd match and that meant pettis had to fight someone else (guida). im pretty sure pettis has done enough now to get that title shot back

  • boston says:

    that is the worst bunch of shit i have ever heard..pettis can wait…Diaz and Miller are fighting and who ever wins that should get the title shot..the WEC doesnt exist anymore..who cares what happened there..pettis clearly should have had a shot before Henderson..and there was a ton of fighters that deserved that title shot..i personally had it 4 rounds to 1 for Edgar but im not a judge..dont take this fight from Diaz or Miller they both deserve it way more..Diaz has fought his entire career in the octagon..come on man..Pettis really?? it before the Diaz is ready to fight after the miller fight and it wont matter but please do not take this shot from Diaz..he has beaten Gray maynard..he beat Cerrone in a way that was just insane…he is the best LW in the many UFC fights does Pettis have?? two?? and Henderson had what three?? or two..i dont care if they held belts in the WEC….

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