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Anderson Silva Tweets Pic of Himself

Anderson Silva Tweets Pic of Himself

When last we saw Anderson Silva, the former UFC middleweight champ was being carted out of the Octagon on a stretcher, screaming in absolute pain with a splint on his shattered shin. But four days removed from his horrifying UFC 168 experience – an experience that included a failed bid to reclaim his belt after champ Chris Weidman checked a kick and inadvertently broke his leg – Silva tweeted a pic of himself on crutches, smiling and with family.

Anderson Silva Twitter pic

There is, of course, no word if Silva ever intends to return to the Octagon – nor should there be. All that matters at this point is that the Brazilian legend has a speedy and healthy recovery. And judging from his characteristic grin in his pic, it seems that recovery is already underway.

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