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Anderson Silva says he won’t fight new friend Jon Jones, GSP yes

UFC middleweight champ, Anderson Silva celebrated his 36 birthday this past week, and with 40 looming in the near future, fans have been calling for super-fights against the champions  below and above his class. When asked by R7 Esportes about a possible future match-up with the impressive Jon Jones, Silva had this to say.

“No way, he is in another category, we’re friends and we will not face [each other].”

Recently, Silva invited the young talent to the debut of his documentary “Like Water” at the Tribeca Film Festival.

When asked about a super fight between himself and the smaller Georges St-Pierre however it’s a different story says Silva.

“Georges St-Pierre – yes, [we] have a chance to fight,” Silva stated. “Everything will depend on our results. Depends on if he wins at UFC 129 and I win in August. Perhaps then, this fight can happen.”

As for Silva looking for revenge against his next challenger Yushin Okami at UFC Rio, Silva says it’s a moot point.

“I’ll face Okami, but I’m not looking for revenge. I’m going there to do my job,” Silva flatly stated. “It is a great opportunity because the UFC is back to Brazil. The fight is very important for me and for him.”

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