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Alexis Davis Knocked Up

Alexis Davis Knocked Up

Alexis Davis may have lasted only 16 seconds against UFC champ Ronda Rousey, but she’s now in for the long haul in her toughest fight to date: motherhood. That’s right, the Canadian is pregnant, which will put her on the sidelines for a while as a tiny human grows inside of her and then wreaks havoc as it makes its exit.

As per her Instagram:

Davis last saw action in the cage at UFC 186, where she took on – and submitted – Sarah Kaufman. Prior to the Rousey loss, she had pretty much earned her title shot by defeating the likes of Liz Carmouche and Jessica Eye.

Now she has to face waking up at 3am and dealing with horrifically dirty diapers.

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  • Alex says:

    Love the lotus. They grow from the mud yet remain befiutaul and unstained. And some even close at night, then re-open with the light. As for doing more by doing less. Yesss, totally. I learned that the hard way several years ago. I remember getting so excited at the approach of new year’s eve. Gearing up for the big moment. It’s really just another moment, isn’t it? Now, I mostly don’t make it to midnight, lol. And this year, to tell you the truth, I hibernated. So I will start my year by slowing going thru Susannah Conway’s Unravelling 2013 Workbook.

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