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Alan Belcher “Okay” After Fight Ending Eye Injury At UFC 159

Although it prompted widespread concerns regarding the future of Alan Belcher’s fighting career at UFC 159, the middleweight appears to be alright, following a fight ending eye poke during his bout with Michael Bisping.

With only half a minute left in their fight, Bisping accidently poked the right eye of Belcher, which cut the middleweight and brought the fight to a halt. If you’ve followed the career of Belcher, then you know he’s had two surgeries before to repair a detached retina. The previous injury was so serious that it was feared Belcher may not fight again.

Thankfully, Belcher was able to post the following update on his Twitter account:

I’m ok.. Just got back from e.r.  8 stitches in eyelid. Disappointed. To my real supporters, I’m sorry, thank you once again.

Unfortunately for Belcher, however, he was behind on all three judge’s scorecards when the bout was called, and Michael Bisping was handed the technical unanimous decision win.

Belcher has now dropped consecutive bouts to Bipsing and Yushin Okami, but, prior to that the bruising middleweight won four straight. In other words, don’t expect Belcher to be handed a pink slip in the coming days.


Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

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  • Hope he rebounds from eye injury & whatever caused him to fight like crap. Looked like he was just in there to get paid rather to fight, very disappointing when guys don’t have the cardio to stand & fight 3 rounds.

  • Just because fighters gas, doesn’t mean they do not have the cardio. Lots of things like getting punched by a fighter of the UFC level, pressure and mental stress….all kinds of things really. Just saying. And with the rules favoring wrestling and ‘control grappling’ in MMA right now, cutting is a huge key. Cutting too fast or too much, also can be a reason for gassing fighters. Anyways, just thought I would point that out.

  • As long as MMA is geared more towards the sportsman, and not the fighter….your going to see guys tire out for reasons beyond simply not having the cardio to be athletic that long.

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