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Strikeforce CEO talks about signing WWE Star Batista

Talks return of the 41 year old WWE superstar Batista turning to MMA as Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker talks about his interest in the former WWE champ.

“Just like we did with Herschel (Walker), we’d have to put him into a gym,” said Coker of a potential deal. “It doesn’t matter what gym, as long as it’s a reputable mixed martial arts academy. He has to go in there and train because if he didn’t, we’d probably have a short relationship.”

It sound’s like the organization is ready to give the heavyweight a chance, which of course brings the question to mind, would Batista get a shot against fellow WWE star turned MMA Bobby Lashley?

“We’re not the guys that are putting all the circus fights on,” said Coker, “but in all fairness, look at Brock Lesnar. He made the crossover. Why not Batista?”

With the success of UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar becoming a huge draw to the casual and WWE fan, Coker may see Batista as the same type of draw to help grow the Strikeforce organization. Now the question that is yet to answer, is David Batista’s  cross-over legitimate or a freakshows?


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  • Why not Batista? Well, for starters, Lesnar was more than just a genetic freak… He is talented.
    I'm looking forward to seeing how Batista does, but as a pro-wrestling fan, it's going to be one giant *facepalm* when he gets destroyed. Anti-wrestling MMA fans will have a field day. Batista has no legitimate background to work off of, so he'll have to rely on his freakish size. However, size doesn't get you anywhere in MMA without skill, so he's got an uphill battle. Should be fun.

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