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Pat Miletich says Roy Jones Jr and himself planning to fight in MMA (Video)

Former UFC Champion and now Strikeforce commentator, Pat Miletich says that he has not fully retired. Even more interesting is that he says that he has been in talks with Roy Jones Jr on a weekly basis about doing an MMA fight.

“Every person’s life has seasons. I’m a fighter; I still may fight, actually. Roy Jones Jr and I talk everyday, no, actually every week, about fighting each other and we’ve got some interested parties in that.”

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  • Mmagrly69 says:

    What a joke. Miletich has been like a tick to the sport and a badger to the UFC.
    Oh please DW let me back in ………… OH PLEASE OH PLEASE
    Word of the day : WASHED UP CHUMP

    • RJJ says:

      Agree with Mmagrly69 that PAT is or was necessary in the beginning and has burdened the sport too long. So he was a champ when the UFC was only allowed in Iowa ! This guy is a disgrace when we saw the video saying he was honestly fighting Roy Jones Jr. Then we realized that PAT no longer had an MMA gym nor was a coach. Can you say OUT OF THE SPORT ?

  • Cokepillsalcohol says:

    That had celebrity rehab written all over it. Gary Busey , he is the only comparison to Pat Miletich.
    So sad to see another talented guy wash up so young. All the after partying on the heels of others success time for CELEBRITY REHAB starring PAT MILETICH.

  • Tony says:

    Waht a douche bag, Miletich is and will always be a fluke. The guy was taught by Gracie and then tries to call out the Gracie family. Just a sad pathetic excuse for a man.

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