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Megumi Fujii breaks longest undefeated record

During a night shadowed by WEC 51, Bellator female fighter Megumi Fujii broke the record for longest undefeated record with 22-0. Megumi made it look easy with a first round armbar submission of Lisa Ward at Bellator 31.

Though Fujii may not be considered a top pound-for-pound fighter, or even the top female fighter, she was announced to be the first MMA fighter to go 22-0, beating out Jason Black and Satoko Shinashi’s 21-0 win-streak.

Interestingly, the record has already been challenged.’s fight finder shows that a fighter by the name of John Strawn carried a record of 30-0 before his first loss to Jake Hudson. Validity of the record is yet to be solidified.

MMA records have shown to be incorrect many times by fighters. It can be very difficult to record all events, especially as more and more promotions appear. Many small events take place undocumented by the media every week. It is being reported that many of Strawns victories were unsanctioned. Should that matter when crowning the best record in MMA?

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  • Bakatare says:

    “Though Fujii may not be considered a top pound-for-pound fighter, or even the top female fighter”?!! Huh? I think she’s almost universally considered the best pound-for-pound female fighter on the planet by anyone who’s been watching women’s MMA for the past several years. Why the disrespect Joe?

    • I speak for myself and I know Joe would agree when I say There is no disrespect against Megumi, she is definitely up there with the best and is a total bad ass!! But before I can call her the absolute best, I’d have to see her fight Cyborg first (who most agree is the top p4p). Thanks for your continued support Bakatare!

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