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VIDEO: Watch a Former UFC Contender Get Destroyed

VIDEO: Watch a Former UFC Contender Get Destroyed

Tyson Nam is a bantamweight striker who’s been kicking around in non-UFC organizations for a long time. He’s an okay fighter with decent skills, but he has this incredible knack for taking on superstars from other organization and knocked them the hell out.

Years ago, his high-profile victim was Eduardo Dantas, who was Bellator’s bantamweight champ. Dantas got special permission from Bellator to fight on a Shooto Brasil card, and when he squared off with Nam… WHAMMO.

Yesterday, the victim was Ali Bagautinov, who, if you’ll recall just finished a run in the UFC that included a shot at champ Demetrious Johnson. Keep in mind that no one – no one – could finish Bagautinov. But when the Dagestani stepped into the cage at an event in Russia with Nam…

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