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Roxanne Modafferi Keeps Her Career Alive With a Beatdown

Roxanne Modafferi Keeps Her Career Alive With a Beatdown

Roxanne Modafferi should in theory be calling it quits soon. After all, she’s been in the game since 2003, and her brief stint in the UFC last for one fight back in 2013. But she keeps plugging along in Invicta FC, and at tonight’s Invicta FC 14 she took on Brazilian Mariana Morais… a beat the crap out of her.

For all three rounds the American took Morais down and (wo)man-handled her, securing mount effortlessly and dropping a barrage of pitter-patter fists and elbows. Morais stayed alive be covering up and bucking when she could, but she couldn’t seem to stop from going horizontal, and she couldn’t get Modafferi off of her.

Finally, at the 4:40 mark of the third round, referee John McCarthy had seen enough, an by stepping in a gave Modafferi yet another win via TKO.

In her post-fight speech Modafferi asked for another title shot. I doubt she’ll get it, but heck, I didn’t think she’d still be fighting – and winning – after this long.

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