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The Rare Double KO Almost Makes an Appearance

The Rare Double KO Almost Makes an Appearance

The rare¬†double KO. We know it’s possible, as we saw one happen years ago in a bout reffed by Shonie Carter. But they’re rare – rarer than unicorns, mermaids and Bigfoot riding a three-wheeler through the woods while sipping a frosty Heineken. However, sometimes, when the tide is out and the moon is just right, that rarest of moments can almost occur…

Behold, a fight from August, at a show in Utah called The Clash MMA 11. The fighters are Dalton Holverson and Aldyn Ashcraft, and in the video below we come so damn close to a double knockout that you can practically taste it. Holverson recovers though, and emerges victorious from a fight that could have had neither man winning and both being carted out of the cage on a stretcher.

Oh well. Maybe next time.

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