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Quick KO in Women’s MMA Bout Means Nothing

Quick KO in Women’s MMA Bout Means Nothing

The beauty of women’s MMA is that because the pool of talent is so small, craptastic performances in the cage don’t necessarily derail careers. In fact, if you get absolutely clobbered in an amateur bout, hey, what the heck, why not turn pro? Invicta FC and the UFC will eventually need a warm body anyway…

Below is an old fight between Ashlee Evans-Smith and Veronica Rothenhausler. The two met as amateurs at a Tuff-n-Uff event, one of them got knocked out in about five seconds, and then both immediately turned pro. One went to Invicta, the other beat Fallon Fox and then fought in the UFC. Now, if they were dudes, the loser would’ve never gotten close to reaching such heights. But it’s women’s MMA, so you know how that goes.

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