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Presidential Hopeful Gets Vitor Belfort’s Endorsement

Presidential Hopeful Gets Vitor Belfort’s Endorsement

Running for President of the United States is tricky business, so every good candidate must have rock-solid advisers to keep him out of PR gaffs.

Ben Carson, who is seeking the Republican nomination for the 2016 Presidential election, tweeted a pic of himself posing with Vitor Belfort, the implication being that Carson is being endorsed by the Brazilian fighter.

Carson needs to fire his advisers immediately.

Apparently no one told the would-be president that Belfort is a cheater and laughingstock within the MMA community. I’m guessing that this was a misguided attempt at sewing up the “MMA vote”. Whatever it was, you just know Carson has earned the support of rampant TRT abusers everywhere. I’m not sure if that’s enough to win him an election, but whatever.


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