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KO’d Fighter Attempts Yoga Pose, Fails

KO’d Fighter Attempts Yoga Pose, Fails

Here’s one of the history books. In the video below – which pits two minor league fighters who you’ve never heard of against each other in a promotion you’ve never heard of – one dude gets knocked out and attempts to… well, it looks like he’s trying to do a yoga pose (Salutations to the Sun God, maybe?). Of course, the reaction is clearly not a purposeful one, as homeboy was rendered suddenly and violently unconscious and everyone knows the body does strange things when the brain gets rattled within the skull. But still…

…It’s interesting to see someone react this way. Thus far in MMA we’ve seen dudes get rendered stiff as a board with their arms and legs rigid and in the air. This, however, is something else entirely.

Watch and enjoy.

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